Monday, November 21, 2011

Our mostly vegan diet

Our diet can be described as vegan and lower carb, with one weekly cheat meal.

I didn't quite know where to begin with cooking vegan. I had had enough of a hard time learning to cook without meat, but now I could no longer rely on plain yogurt to add a flavor kick to my food. Naturally, it was time to do research. I borrowed a whole bunch of vegan cookbooks from the library and started following vegan food blogs.

Oh, and I did a very unscientific thing by changing two variables instead of just one. Not only did I eliminate eggs and dairy, but I also tried to lower our carb intake. The precedent for both of these is my older brother. He lowered his cholesterol by going vegan for three months. Then he has since lost a lot of weight by going on his beloved so-called "primal diet," which consists of reasonable amounts of meat, tons of vegetables, and pretty much no carbs.

Thankfully it was late spring and early summer when we started this vegan diet, as we had a multitude of fresh veggies from the farmers' market to keep us occupied! Also, I had lots of time to cook because all my choirs were on summer break. Furthermore, to keep our sanity, we allowed ourselves one cheat day per week: our weekly veggie burrito from Taqueria Cancun.

Next time: The results!

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