Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Bad Catholic returns!

*tap-tap-tap* Is this thing on? Can you hear me back there? Yes? Great!

OK, so, this bad Catholic has been feeling extra bad lately. This means I will brain-dump onto Teh Interwebs now, you lucky readers, you, whoever you are.

I have a massive crush on this tall, blond, handsome, Swedish drink of aquavit Swedish composer, soprano saxophonist, and environmentalist, Anders Paulsson (no link because of autoplaying music on the homepage). I have now taken it upon myself to hook him up with my alma mater to promote his Coral Guardians initiative, a coral reef conservation project to provide marine biology educational opportunities for kids in the Philippines.

Why am I doing this? Because I find him hot, and if this collaboration works out, then I might actually get to sing in a concert with him again! Anders is my new celebrity crush. Move over, James Franco; your book sucks. Now, Anders, on the other hand, writes some gorgeous music. And the dude can rock the soprano sax, with a clean tone that seemingly effortlessly obliterates the Kenny-G-associated dorkiness factor of the instrument. And Anders is really nice to look at. He's also a genuinely nice guy and easy to talk to.

What? I have a thing for tall blonds, OK? I married a tall blond, after all.

At the dress rehearsal a couple weeks ago, we ran through his arrangement of "When The Saints Go Marching In," complete with snapping on two and four. He said, "I think it should be slower. More," he paused, "sexy." Then he set the tempo of the snaps while conducting with his entire body. My brain short-circuited, and all I could think was, "I'm sorry, what? I couldn't hear you with your shirt on." (There is precedent for the mental image of a shirtless Anders. Check out this photo.)

So come concert-time, I got all dolled up, donning make-up, contacts, and my bestest (i.e., charmingly booby) little black dress. This paid off swimmingly when, at post-concert dinner, Anders sat RIGHT ACROSS FROM ME! I know, right??? How awesome is that? We chatted up a storm, and at one moment he tentatively asked me, "Are you Polynesian?"

Heh. I grinned. I thought for a moment, "I do so love playing this Guess My Ethnicity game. Should I make him guess again? Nah, let's just get on with it." I knew he had a thing for the Philippines, so I just outright said, "Actually, I'm Filipina," and I smiled.

He smiled, too, and said, "I thought so!" Then he told me he was going to the Philippines for two months in late November, and he launched into his Coral Guardians spiel.

A lightbulb went off in my head, and I asked, "Do you have contacts at [my alma mater's oceanographic arm]?" He shook his head, and then he gave me his card so I could e-mail him!!! EEEEE!!!!

So all told, we've exchanged a good half a dozen or so e-mails about some possible collaboration. However, the Important People at my alma mater aren't replying to my e-mails. I'm still working on it.


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