Friday, April 15, 2011

Lenten episodes, part 3 - A cleansing bike ride

Wednesday morning there was a freak downpour that coincided exactly with my bike commute to work. That is, the rain only lasted 30-40 minutes, but it was exactly the 30-40 minutes that I was riding to work.

It was sunny when I left the house. On the radio, they said a 50% chance of rain. I thought nothing of it. The sun was shining! Plus, one day last week there was a 50% chance of precipitation, it didn't rain at all. Anyway, I was planning on meeting friends at the new Mission Cheese shop after work, so I wore my Mission-appropriate skinny jeans.

Well, I guess it was lightly sprinkling though sunny when I left the house. As I got to the more difficult part of my ride, it started raining harder. I was just far enough away from home and it was just late enough in the morning that I didn't want to turn back.

The rain got harder as I got up the hill. The way the drops were hitting the ground and bouncing, I wondered if it was actually small hail. Hail! On my morning ride to work?!

Towards the top of my ride, I knew I was getting drenched. It was all downhill from there, so I just kept going. Without fenders, my butt got unpleasantly wet. The freak downpour mocked my usual rule of thumb: Don't go anywhere with your ass wet. Think about it.

Then the rain became a full-on downpour as I got to the flat part of my ride. I was riding more slowly than usual because I couldn't see! Not only were the raindrops hitting my glasses, but the raindrops were hitting MY EYES. I cautiously coasted along, lightly riding my brakes, squinting and blinking half-blind. But whenever I pedaled, the upstroke of the pedal squeezed my water-logged skinny jeans legs and flooded my shoes.

At the rate and volume at which I was screaming, "AUGH! OH MY GOD! AAAAUUUUUGGH!" one could have thought I was having a good ol' attack of the Holy Spirit and a soul-cleansing baptism. Which, I suppose, is nicely timed for Holy Week or something?

I got to worked completely soaked. My co-workers gaped at me as if I were crazy. All I could say was, "It was sunny when I left the house!"

So I switched from my wet softshell jacket to my dry hoodie, peeled off my skinny jeans in exchange for scrubs, and squished around in wet shoes all day.

I hung up my jeans in a sunny window (because it was sunny when I got to work!) above a heating vent. Of course, you can't just leave unlabeled stuff in the hallways at work. It could be considered trash and just thrown away. So I left a note:

Yup. Classy. That was a long day.

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