Friday, February 11, 2011

Bikeless chronicles, part 0

This is the first of a few posts about my misadventures of my sadly bikeless commute.

The universe has been ganging up on me, conspiring to keep me from riding my bike to and from work. In roughly chronological order, here's what the universe has thrown at me:

1. Winter - Dark, cold, rainy. While I have lights and a reflecty vest for the dark, the cold and rain just make biking downright unpleasant.

2. Christmas - The Christmas season brings up lots of evening activities, like my friend's Lillajulafton, or little Christmas Eve. It's a Swedish thing, and I got to wear my "got glögg?" t-shirt. The opportunities to wear such a t-shirt occur so seldom, that I'd rather not get it sweaty and then show up to the party.

3. Colds - I caught a doozy of a cold right after New Year's. It knocked me out for a good week. Can't breathe, can't ride.

4. Repavement - Just when I got over my cold, I noticed that my bike route was being repaved. It was down to dirt for a couple weeks.

5. Injury - Walking to my bus stop after work one day, I rolled my right foot on a seam in the sidewalk. This happens to me a lot, and I can usually walk it off because my ankles always bounce back. This time, however, my foot--not my ankle--continued to hurt horribly. I hobble to my bus stop, hobbled onto the bus, and saw from the window that the repavement was all done on my bike path! Grrr!!! So I hobbled home and sat on the couch with a bag of frozen peas on my foot.

6. Insult - Yes, added insult to my injury. The weather been GORGEOUS out here (sunny and unseasonably warm), and I can't ride my bike with a sprained foot. Furthermore, Tuesday morning, just two weeks after I sprained my right foot, the left one rolled! Again, walking downhill on an uneven sidewalk, of which there are many in this town.

As such, I've been stuck on Muni for way too long. But at least the Muni commute gives me anecdote fodder, reading time, and knitting time. My next few posts will be about stuff I've seen, stuff I've read, and stuff I've knit on the bus.

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