Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Women are crazy

Kelly Valen's new book, image via her website.

In another moment of clarity, I got another thought for the day appropriate for my feeble attempt at increasing blog output.

That moment of clarity was actually from an article in the Chronicle entitled, "Kelly Valen explores the dark side of female relationships." The article references Valen's NY Times article on the back-stabbiness of her former sorority sisters. Valen has expanded that NY Times article into a new book, The Twisted Sisterhood: Unraveling the Dark Legacy of Female Friendships.

Valen surveyed over 3000 women and spent two years researching and writing this book on the psychological trauma inflicted by female cattiness.

So stuff we already knew, right? Yeah, but with the statistical power of n=3000, much larger than the anecdotal n of any woman who has had to deal with (or at least observe) mean girls from grade school to the workplace.

The world can do without the conniving little schemers who plot to make the shunned girl It during every single game of tag at recess.

The world can do without the gossipy little bats who brief the new girl on who's cool and who's a nerd without letting anyone speak for him/herself.

The world can do without the moody, unreasonable, micro-managing supervisor. The world can also do without the spineless wonders who bow to the unreal whims of said irrational supervisor.

Can't we all just get along? Ladies, retract the claws, and let's chill the frak out, OK?

We should have more exemplary women like--oh, I don't know--Ellen DeGeneres! She's fantastic! If I were ever at home to watch her show, I would. And among her regular viewers, who doesn't want to dance with her and give her a big hug, like, all the time?

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