Friday, November 5, 2010

local celebrity crush

There are a few people that I'd go all squealy fangirl for: Alton Brown, Phil Plait, the Mythbusters, James Franco. Now, I might not ever run into these people--except for the Mythbusters, maybe. But I almost went all squealy fangirl for a local radio personality: Sandip Roy!

This NPR commentator hosts New America Now and occasionally Your Call, both on KALW. Some notable pieces of his in recent memory address chaat (Indian street food) and the evolving acceptance of gay marriage in the Indian community.

When I heard that piece on chaat, Sandip Roy gave me quite the hankering for chaat from Vik's in Berkeley. Actually, I was a little upset that he broadcast the knowledge of Vik's worldwide like that. Surely, this would mean longer lines because of a bump in business! Then I also thought that he better not divulge Fremont's best-kept secret chaat counter at Dana Bazar, now New India Bazar. Man, pani puri at their chaat counter is the best! I certainly wasn't going to comment on the NPR article page and hand him that hard-earned knowledge. And it was hard-earned. I spent a long time on Yelp looking for places that serve pani puri Mumbai-style, and we tried it after a particularly rough hike on Mission Peak.

However, I changed my mind last night when the prospect of actually meeting Sandip Roy became within reach at the 3rd I South Asian Film Festival. I didn't actually meet him, but if I did, well, yeah, I have enough of a celebrity crush on him to share with him the location of the Bay Area's best chaat.

I give, and I give.

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