Monday, November 29, 2010

How about a nice cuppa?

Samovar claims to be the first to sell tea in cardboard boxes. (Image credit: Samovar)

Really, Samovar? The World's First Compostable Tea Box?

Now, I love me some local businesses. I love me some Samovar, in fact. The marketing genius here is trying to appeal to San Franciscans' love of all things green. Is the Samovar crowd really so yuppified and out of touch with reality that tea in a cardboard box is innovative?

Granted, some people are really fancy and buy tea in tins and foil-lined bags. But this certainly is not the first time I've seen tea in a cardboard box. Most of the time I buy tea in compostable cardboard boxes.

The quality of Samovar's teas should be much more of a selling point than its paper packaging. I'm not falling for this marketing gimmick, but I would buy Samovar's teas to support the business.

In other tea news, I just got a friend's chai recipe. I will be testing it soon and posting the results here.


  1. Sorry for asking, just out of curiosity, what does that have to do with your being a... questioning, left-wing Roman Catholic???

  2. The long answer is that this is yet another instance of some institution telling me what to do because it'll make me a better person. For example, buy this tea because it's compostable; or do good works to get into heaven. Instead of focusing on how that action might impact me, I'd rather the focus be on the potential impact on the lives around me. For example, buy this tea because we practice responsible sourcing; or do good works because it's the right thing to do.

    The short answer is:

    Whatever! I do what I want!