Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fangirl goes SQUEE!

I met Sandip Roy tonight! I finally summoned up enough balls to ask to be introduced to him and take a picture with him! SQUEE!

And now I gush.

He's so mellow and approachable. He asked me where I worked, and I told him and added that the only radio station I can get in my little room is KALW. It's true, too. He said that was funny because it's hard to get KALW from a lot of places around town.

I told Sandip Roy that I really liked his chaat piece. And yes, he already knew about Dana Bazar, now New India Bazar. He had decided that if he mentioned Dana Bazar on Morning Edition, the bump in business might overwhelm the two busybody aunties at the chaat counter. Wow, that's so considerate of him. What an upstanding guy, that Sandip Roy!

And I also told Sandip Roy that I really enjoyed his piece on the changing Indian attitudes towards gay marriage. He said he got a lot of e-mails praising that piece. Awesome!


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