Thursday, October 28, 2010

It Gets Better; Mean People Suck

Mean People Suck
I so need to make this! (Photo Credit: Flickr user Ruby42.)

Unless you've been living under a rock this past month (or in strike-crippled France; who am I to judge?), you know that with the recent spate of teen suicides brought on by anti-gay bullying, Savage Love columnist Dan Savage put together the It Gets Better Project, a YouTube channel full of videos telling gay and questioning teens that there are tons of wonderful things to live for.

Unsurprisingly, Religion News Service reports that most Americans associate negative views of homosexuality with religious institutions. In this recent report from NPR on the religious undercurrent in anti-gay bullying, at least some Christians understand that the church's anti-gay stance is remarkably un-Christian! That NPR story also upsets me to see all the adults who through misaction or inaction propagate the problem to the vulnerable younger generations.

Adults are setting bad examples. It's like in Lord of the Flies, when warring adults rescue the warring kids--whose little society is driven to destruction by bullies.

Mean people suck.

And then we grow up, stop identifying ourselves according to what those mean people say, and start embracing our blessed individuality and solidarity as good people.

Then those mean people get stuck in their two-bit jobs at the mall while all us nerds get fancy diplomas, rewarding careers, and the awesomest friends ever.

It does get better.

If you haven't seen any videos from the It Gets Better Project, Jezebel posted their top 15 videos. Here, I'm posting my top three, in order of importance, starting with the best one.

Seriously, I want to give Joel Burns a big hug for his video. And thank you, Bishop Gene Robinson, for speaking from the heart. President Obama, thank you, too; now let's get cracking on DADT and DOMA.

Joel Burns:

Gene Robinson:

and President Barack Obama:

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