Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy wedding I didn't even attend


After all the weddings and friends and history on our recent trip to Boston, what ended the trip on a high note for me was hearing about a strangers' same-sex wedding.

The husband and I were waiting for a doorman at the Lenox Hotel to hail us a cab for the airport. Behind us there were two other men who asked another doorman for another cab for the airport. That doorman called to our doorman, "Make that two for Logan!"

He asked the two men, "Where are you headed?"


"Are you going there for business, or...?"

"Honeymoon, actually."

It took me a second to process. Two men. Going to Switzerland. On a honeymoon. *gasp* They just got married! Yay!

I beamed! I turned around and said, "Congratulations!" Wow! A same-sex couple! Two men actually got married! It's legal in Massachusetts!

They had just gotten married the night before at the Old South Church across the street from the Lenox Hotel. I had noticed the night before that there was a wedding going on there.

Wow! They got married in a church! What a cool church!

Like any newlywed couple, these gentlemen were also looking forward to the oodles of free time they would have now that the wedding planning is over.

I was so genuinely happy for them. Although I was at the worst stage of a head cold with sinuses full of suck, and although we were flying back home where Prop 8 is full of unconstitutional suck, nothing could diminish that celebratory grin on my face.

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