Monday, September 13, 2010



The nice folks over at Episcopal Cafe have alerted me to the existence of a Geocentrism conference:

Galileo Was Wrong is a detailed and comprehensive treatment of the scientific evidence supporting Geocentrism, the academic belief that the Earth is immobile in the center of the universe. Garnering scientific information from physics, astrophysics, astronomy and other sciences, Galileo Was Wrong shows that the debate between Galileo and the Catholic Church was much more than a difference of opinion about the interpretation of Scripture.

Scientific evidence available to us within the last 100 years that was not available during Galileo's confrontation shows that the Church's position on the immobility of the Earth is not only scientifically supportable, but it is the most stable model of the universe and the one which best answers all the evidence we see in the cosmos.

"Galileo was wrong"?

Say WHAT?!

I thought I was reading something from The Onion, but no, it looks real. Very sad and very real. Like Jenny McCarthy.

Oh, but it gets better. There's merch! Didn't you always want a baby onesie with the words "Galileo was wrong" plastered all over it?

Screw that. I'd crash the conference wearing this Calamities of Nature t-shirt:

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