Thursday, September 23, 2010

A friend in need surely doesn't *need* a cigarette.

SMOKING KILLS. This message brought to you by London Heathrow Duty-Free.

A neighbor of ours stopped by the house yesterday because he needed a buck or two for cigarettes. My husband--the fine, upstanding man that he is--gave him a fiver to be paid back later.

While the gesture was very generous and very sweet, I disagree with it. Of all of the various everyday substance propensities that a person might have (mine are coffee and alcohol), the one that I support the least is nicotine.

Blech, it's just gross. It's unsexy, unattractive, and unhealthy.

My dad used to smoke. When he quit, he taught himself how to knit so he could keep his hands busy. When another friend of mine quit smoking, I used the same strategy and taught her how to knit. She turned out a beautiful scarf in two weeks!

I have friends who smoke. Do I consider them bad people? Nah. But I'd never spot them a pack of cigarettes. My money does not need to support that industry, nor support something I find disgusting.

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