Friday, June 25, 2010

More on Ethical Eating: "Recipe Adapted"

An addendum on sinful/ethical eating, this time on recipe plagiarism.

The story of sharing the recipe for Real Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies.

One of my college buddies wrote about the blatant recipe plagiarism she encountered in her efforts to make a homemade version of the Girl Scouts' famous Samoa cookies.

this post is really about homemade samoas, a recipe that i noticed popping up on the blogs a few weeks ago. but first (first?!), a digression about that label on so many blog recipes: "recipe adapted from." for the samoas, i used graham crackers as a base that i saw a photo of on somebody's blog. it turns out that that person had posted the recipe as being adapted from heidi's recipe over at 101cookbooks. i was curious, and went through the recipes side-by-side. well, readers, these recipes were exactly the same, word for word. that's simply not ok.

Last night I made some fresh mint chocolate chip cookies, according to a recipe I found on the now-defunct Cookie Blog, which is currently the National Cookie Network. That blog linked to the recipe in this post on Montcarte, a Montreal-based food blog. Montcarte says the recipe is "adapted from Eatpress."

The recipes are the same. There was no adaptation, just simple cut'n'paste. Changing parentheticals or cookie forming methods doesn't count as adaptation in my book. While I'm glad that Montcarte had the courtesy of linking to the Eatpress source, there was no need to have reposted the exact same recipe with a parenthetical modification on how finely to chop the mint leaves.

Anyway, yeah, Real Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies. I'm linking to the original Eatpress recipe from now on.

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